Process Presentation
Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Plant (CSP)

Heat transfer fluid (usually oil or water) runs through the metal tube (receiver) to absorb the concentrated sunlight, which increases the temperature of the fluid. The heat transfer fluid is then used to heat steam in a standard turbine generator. The process is economical and, with thermal efficiency ranging from 60-80%.

Water is delivered to Parabolic Trough in the solar field area of 150 rais to get the heat from the sun until the water becomes superheat steam at 330 °C, pressure 30 bara. Then superheat steam flows to the steam turbine driving a generator for the production of electricity.

After passing through the turbine, the fluid flows to the condenser where it is converted back to water to be reused as feed water. Cooling water passes through the condenser, where it absorbs the rejected heat and then releases this heat to the atmosphere by means of a cooling tower. The waterthen returns into the parabolic trough system in the production of steam thus creating a close loop system. The system can be further expanded in line with the increase in current energy storage technology. A heat-storage system will be introduced in the next phase in order to increase generating capacity and return on investment.