Private PPA Solar Power Program

Private PPA Solar Power Program

Having the solar system installed in the industrial factory with no investment cost, benefit from lower electricity price, free of maintenance cost, and warranty services throughout the contract period.

Why should you install a solar system ?

Production cost is one of the critical cost factors for entrepreneurs, as it is a major factor which highly impacts on the business profits. The report from the Kasikorn Research Center in 2022 revealed an upward trend in electricity prices in Thailand due to fluctuating fuel prices and limited resources. Meanwhile, electricity demand is expected to increase in line with an ongoing economic recovery. This impacts the costs of businesses across production and service sectors. According to the Kasikorn Research Center, a 1% increase in average electricity costs results in approximately a 0.024% increase in overall business costs. Consequently, electricity costs alone contributed to a roughly 0.8% rise in expenses from 2022 to 2023.

As a result, businesses need to use various approaches to adjust their electricity cost management. For example, a campaign to save electricity within the organization, plan to increase production during periods of low electricity demand (Off-Peak) when electricity rates are cheaper, or adopt alternative energy sources with lower electricity costs. Installing a solar panel system which can be done in various forms i.e., solar rooftop, ground-mounted solar farm, floating solar or as a solar carport, is especially significant, as it offers both cost savings on electricity and aligns with environmentally and socially responsible business practices (ESG).

TSE Smart Energy Partners (Private PPA) Information

TSE SMART ENERGY PARTNERS: Smart Energy Solutions for Sustainable Partnerships. TSE offers solar rooftop system installations for industrial factory through a Power Purchase Agreement (Private PPA) with zero investment cost. Factories enjoy discounted electricity prices throughout the contract period and take ownership of the solar system after the contract ends.

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Private PPA Project Portfolio

Floating Solar PV Farm Thailand : STF

Kabin Buri District,
Prachinburi Province


Floating Solar PV Farm Thailand

Operated by
Solar Visible Company Limited (SV)

Kabin Buri District, Prachinburr Province

Selling Capacity
8.0 MW


Contact Information

Thai Solar Energy Public Company Limited  (TSE)

Contact number: 02 258 4530-3   Ext: 2726, 2727